Nuwave Oven Parts

At some point, you may need or want to purchase some replacement nuwave oven parts. However, if you still are covered under the manufacturer’s warranties, then you do not need to worry about paying for anything; your parts will be sent to you for free.

I read in some early nuwave oven reviews, that some nuwave owners who had bought earlier models from a batch that had issues with the plastic or glass dome that resulted in the dome cracking.refurbished dome

I haven’t had any problems at all with mine, and at this point haven’t had to replace any of my nuwave oven parts.If you are one of the unfortunate buyers of this early faulty batch, then I can imagine it would be very annoying to have to go to the trouble of getting a dome replacement.

There may be many reasons why you want or need to buy some replacement nuwave oven parts, so I have put together a list of parts that are available and where you can get them easily, and at fair prices:

Nuwave Oven Power Head:

The top of the Nu Wave oven is where the power head sits. I know this is pretty obvious, but I just want to make it clear that this particular part IS NOT dishwasher safe!power head classic replacement parts

There are a few different versions and colors of the power head which I have listed below.

  • The Power Head Classic
  • The Power Head
  • The Power Head Digital

The power head classic is available in white with red detailing as shown in the image I have provided.

nuwave oven partsThe power head digital comes in various color combinations including white/blue, white/red and the very popular black and silver. It’s always wise to check the links I have provided for the exact prices of the nuwave oven parts as they do sometimes run special offers, like they are doing now with the free shipping on the nuwave oven

If you purchase the classic power head, it will cost you around $50 odd dollars or so. However, you can buy digital versions of the power head. The white/blue and red/white versions are around $60 something dollars and the black/silver version is approx. $70.

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Refurbished Dome:

As mentioned previously there may be a number of reasons why you need a replacement dome, whether it be an unfortunate accident whilst handling the dome itself, or some other reason. A replacement dome can be bought for around $15, which to be honest I think is a very reasonable price considering what it would cost to replace the nuwave oven itself. Dome Holders are extremely handy and may save any of the mishaps that we mentioned earlier. At a minimal cost of around $2.00 they are well worth replacing if you don’t still have yours.

Reversible Cooking rack

It might be a good idea to keep a spare cooking rack, just to save you time in case you want to use your Nuwave oven while the other rack is being washed. The rack will set you back around $15.

The final item of nuwave oven parts that you may need to replace is the base.

Nuwave Oven Base

It is available in varying color combinations. These are…

  • White/Blue
  • Silver/Black
  • White/Red.
  • All variations of the base cost around $8 each.

As you can see, nuwave oven parts are extremely affordable if you need to replace them for whatever reason. Having a spare set of the most used nuwave oven parts can’t be a bad thing even if it’s just so you can uses your oven whilst some of them are in the dishwasher.

Whatever the reason for needing replacement parts at least you now have the information on what is available, where to buy them, and can rest easy knowing that in the event that you do need some nuwave oven parts replacing, that it won’t break the bank, and are very reasonably priced.

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