Kitchenaid Cookware has come a long way in the past few years. There are so many gadgets, devices, slow cookers, microwaves, that it has become a little confusing as to what works best in the everyday home kitchen.

Gadgets are great, if you like that kind of thing.. but what most people are looking for is something that is easy to use, easy to clean, saves them time and for those concerned about global warming – Something that is energy efficient!

A product that I actually own and use is the…

Nuwave Oven

kitchenaid cookwareIt fits all the criteria I mentioned above and is one of the most useful kitchenaid cookware additions for the busy home cook that I have found in a long time.

With the economic climate the way it is most families find that both Mum's and Dad's are having to go into the workplace to help supplement the family income and overall family financial security.

Now you wouldn't think that kitchenaid cookware had much to do with the global recession but in fact it does. Trying to find the time to cook fast but healthy meals for ourselves and our families is becoming increasingly difficult.

Our work commitments take so much of our time that finding ways to avoid falling into the fast food dinner trap takes on a new level of importance. The nuwave oven uses the very best of 21st century technology it cuts down on cooking time by about half, it uses very little fat, so is healthy and does all this by using about 85% less energy than would be used in conventional cooking. This also save on our energy bills which can't be a bad thing?

It does all this by using what the nuwave oven people call Triple Combo Cooking, ie employing three different cooking methods; infrared, conduction and convection.

If you would like to read my comprehensive

Nuwave Oven Reviews

and see a video of the nuwave oven in action, just click the link above.

I hope that this kitchenaid cookware article has been helpful to you.

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