nuwave oven digitalIt’s fast becoming the norm that most people are just far too busy to prepare a nutritious meal for their loved ones and family. If convenience food is regularly appearing on your family’s dinner table then its probably time that you had a real close look at the Nuwave Oven Digital.
In any event, that’s what’s being claimed in the latest Nuwave Oven Digital Infomercial and reviewed by intrepid consumer journalist, Liz Crenshaw.
Please keep in mind that this “nuwave oven digital article” and nuwave oven reviews was reported by NBC’s Liz Crenshaw and we ( not directly responsible for the opinion of Liz  and or Joe Fowler and Heidi Bohay.
Some of this Nuwave Oven Digital Report May be as paraphrased.
Susan and Wendy
No doubt that your gonna get peckish whilst watching this infomercial. If  you look at your cooking as a “daily grind” then the nuwave oven digital may well be the answer to all your problems?

Nu Wave Oven Digi

Can this really be done?…Lets check it out!

Nuwave Oven Digital
Presenting the Nuwave Oven Digital Pro – Altering how Americans cook their meals.
The presentation informs the viewers that the nuwave is the very latest technology available in kitchenaid cookware and explains the combined use of convection, infrared and convection cooking in one easy to use appliance.

They then go on to explain that not only does the nuwave digi pro make the best use of all the latest technology, but does it in such a way that is very versatile and can be used for steaming, broiling grilling, roasting, barbequing and frying with no sign of any dehydration

All acomplished in half the time, using a lot less energy and with the foodtuffs coming out really succulent and no hint of dehydration. All this power allows you to broil, roast, grill, bake, barbeque, steam, dehydrate and air fry right on your counter top in a fraction fo the normal cooking time.

And what’s more, according to Infomercial hosts Joe Fowler and Heidi Bohay the food comes out fabulous.
The following is an exchange between Heidi Bohay and Joe Fowler on The Nuwave Oven Digital.

Joe Fowler & Heidi Bohay On The Nuwave Oven Digital

Nuwave Oven Digital Pro

Begins with Heidi Bohay commenting…
“Isn’t it amazing?”
Joe Fowler Replies, “It’s so juicy and …
HB: …flavourful…
JF: … and flavourful…         
HB:…every time! The all come out like that”
So we sent the Nuwave and it’s infomercial to Grace-Ann Lewis’s house, Riverdale MD. She lives with her sister in a small apartment and liked the ovens convenient size and apparent ease of use. The Nuwave Oven cost $120 plus $15 shipping, however for that price it says it will give us nutritious, gourmet meals and make cooking a breeze…BUT… Does it really do that?
Grace-Ann had been using the Nuwave Oven for a couple of weeks before our visit. When we got to her apartment she had already cooked air fried chicken, corn on the cob, Caribbean plantains, French fries and an upside down cake and she wasn’t done yet!
LC: What did you make for me 1st?
GL: We are making pizza.
LC: On English muffins it looks like.
GL: Yeah
Now cooking on the Nuwave Oven is pretty simple task, you place your food on the Oven’s cooking rack, put the Nuwave dome over the food, set the proper cooking time according to the recipe and punch the start button. Now there’s not much to see as the food cooks except for a little movement caused by the ovens convection fan, but 8 minutes later…
The pizza’s done.
And after they’d cooled a moment [eating the pizza muffins].
LC: That’s a fast pizza isn’t it?
GL: Oh yeah.
LC: That’s nice.
GL: It’s actually very good.
LC: Very nice. Good job Grace-Ann!
GL: Thank you.
LC: [laughter] I didn’t know you were Italian!
LC: [forks Ham and Egg breakfast dish] What do you think?
GL: It looks pretty done…
LC: yeah it looks pretty good.
Grace-Ann also cooked us a ham and egg breakfast dish…
LC: Don’t burn yourself!
GL: [eats forkful of food]
LC: That’s good?
GL: Yeah
And a Salmon and Asparagus dinner…
LC: Ooh, what do you think?
GL: Looks good
LC: yeah looks good. A little rare in the middle, is that how you like it?
GL: Yeah, yes, yeah.
LC: Can I try one of these? [eats asparagus spear] Mmm, very nice!
So after all of her cooking, what did Grace-Ann think about her Nuwave Oven’s food?
LC: How’d the Chicken turn out?
GL: Great!
LC: How did the Platains turn out?
GL: Good
LC: Salmon?
GL: Salmon, oh wow!
In fact Grace-Ann’s only disappointment turned out to be her upside down cake which burned on the top.
LC: So the Nuwave Oven digital, does it really do that?
GL: Yes.
LC: And for $135, would Grace-Ann buy it?
GL: Grace-Ann would buy…if I had a bigger budget yes.
LC: Are you glad I am giving you one?
GL: Yes!
It’s nice when we can give them a product that they actually want. She was very happy…
We hope that you enjoyed the information presented here about the Nuwave Oven Digital and it helped you make an informed choice in your purchasing decision of the nuwave oven.
Nuwave Oven Reviewier .com is not responsible for the opinions or recommendations expressed on this page. They have been included for your general information and should not be seen as an andorsement for the Nuwave Oven Digital or any of the nuwave oven range of products.

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