Nuwave oven extender ring kit?

So what's the deal with this extender ring kit for the nuwave oven. Using the nuwave nuwave oven extender ring kitoven extender ring kit, allows you to cook up to a sixteen pound turkey!…Simple as that! Although not a technological breakthrough by any means, it sure is helpful if you are expecting more than one or two for their turkey dinner.

The clever thing about this oven is not so much the nuwave oven extender ring kit but the other advantages the this handy space saving cooking aid provides.

Although not one of the most shouted about advantages of the nuwave oven is the fact that it doesn't overheat your kitchen. We all know what's it's like to be in the kitchen, a little stressed out, ton of stuff to do….And on top of that we seem to be getting roasted along with the turkey that's in our conventional oven.

Well no more overheated kitchen's using the nuwave oven. With this little beauty

nuwave oven pro using what they call "TCC," Triple Combo Cooking, you get the power of all three major cooking technologies in one small but super efficient oven.

Some people may worry that this could restrict the type and size of  meal we could make but the nuwave oven extender ring kit takes care of that worry.

Using the power of conduction, convection and infrared cooking this great little oven will cook most things in fifty per cent of the time that normal ovens do, will do it using little to no fat, and takes no time at all to clean and store away.

I have quickly went through a few advantages of the nuwave oven and add-ons like the nuwave oven extender ring kit.


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