Nuwave oven overcooks meat? This is a problem I read about in many different places online. Of course your not going to be very happy if your new amazing time saving, energy efficient gadget cooks in half the time and saves energy but overcooks everything that you put in it!

This happened to me when I first started using the nuwave oven and I couldn't work out what was going on. Everything I cooked seemed to be ok when I first brought it out the oven, but the meat or poultry just seemed to dry up right before my eyes?

When our new purchase first arrived even my husband seemed excited getting it out the box (gadget freak) and we were all fairly excited to see how it would perform so I said I would make the next days meal in our nuwave oven.

You can imagine the looks on my families faces when the meat dish didn't just taste dry, it looked dry as well. My husband made some comment along the lines of, "so the nuwave oven overcooks meat…Great!

Being honest you would think that it was fairly obvious, especially for someone (me) who had been cooking for a fairly long time. I'm no gourmet chef but I can certainly put a nice meal together?

Yes the hint was in the "overcooking"part. For some reason, you know the "better to be safe than sorry" thing…I always add some EXTRA time to the recommended cooking times in any recipe I follow.

Mmm wonder if that could be the problem with the overcooking. The problem is that when you cook meat or poultry in any oven it is still cooking when you bring it out the oven.

What I was doing was…When I cooked using the times in the nuwave oven cookbook, I felt it was coming out undercooked! Of course I wasn't taking into account that it had to be left to rest for a few minutes to allow the cooking process to complete properly.

When I adjusted my times and followed the directions the way I was supposed to everything came out great. The Moral to this story is, if you feel the need to add some extra time…Just to be safe…DONT!

This way you'll get perfectly cooked meals and won't have someone saying to you, " so the Nuwave Oven Overcooks Meat!

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