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Are you too busy to cook a wholesome meal for the family? Do you hate the hassle of waiting for your food to thaw? Has fast food become a regular on your family's dinner table? Are you concerned about gaining weight and cholesterol due to unhealthy eating habits? Has cooking just become a tiresome chore for you?

Introducing the Nuwave Oven Pro: Changing the way America prepares its meals! This is an amazing new breakthrough in cooking technology. With the Nu wave Oven Pro you can prepare nutritious and delicious meals in a fraction of the time, even cooked from frozen without defrosting. Plus clean up is a snap after the meal.

nuwave oven proNuwave Oven pro is not a microwave oven. You get three kinds of cooking power: Conduction; Convection and Infrared power simultaneously to prepare nutritious gourmet meals in the fraction of the time of conventional cooking. Now you can broil, roast, grill, bake, barbeque, steam, dehydrate and even fry without all the fats and oils (air fry) in one appliance all on your counter top.

This revolutionary, eco-friendly cooking device is 100% ROHS compliant, manufactured under the strictest guidelines to help ensure a healthier and cleaner environment. Plus the Nuwave Oven pro won the seal of approval from the Cooking Club of America and is also recommended by the National Health and Wellness Club.

Thanks to the Nuwave Oven Pro cooking has become a breeze and can set you free. Now you can have the time to enjoy all of those activities that you didn't have the time to enjoy before.  With the Nuwave Oven Pro America can now save so much time! It's proven to be over 50% faster than a conventional oven:

Chuck Roast in a conventional oven cooking time is 1 hour 47 minutes; in the Nuwave Oven Pro cooking time is 50 mins* – a 52% time saving!

Country Style Pork Ribs in a conventional oven cooking time is 1 hour 15 minutes; in the Nuwave Oven Pro cooking time is 30 mins* – a 53% time saving!

Chicken Quarters in a conventional oven cooking time is 1 hour 10 minutes; in the Nuwave Oven Pro cooking time is 30 mins* – a 57% time saving!

*Note that this is based on approximately 3lbs and results may very – make sure that you consult the cooking guide!

Plus the Nuwave Oven Pro cooks the way the American Heart Association recommends. It's been proven that cooking with the Nuwave Oven Pro can reduce fat intake, help you reduce cholesterol and help you lose weight and inches:

Here are some people's experiences. None of these people were paid for their testimonies. Weight loss results are not typical. Always consult a physician before beginning any weight loss programme.

Testimony of Paul Zeigler, Flight Attendant:
I lost 80lbs in 14 months and the Nuwave Oven Pro is helping in keeping it off.

Testimony of Kezia Norton, Screenwriter:
I've lost 12lbs in 2 months and the Nuwave Oven Pro is going to help me lose 5 more and reach my goal.

Testimony of Carol Williams, Ministry Student:
I lost 7lbs in 8 weeks and the Nuwave Oven Pro is going to help me keep it off.

Testimony of Barbara Conway, Nurse:
I've lost 10lbs in 6 weeks and the Nuwave Oven Pro has helped me keep it off.

So if you want more answers in how the Nuwave Oven Pro is changing the way America cooks and eats Then stay tuned as Joe Fowler and cooking expert Heidi Bohay shows us how we can eat healthier, slim down and reduce your cholesterol with the Nuwave Oven Pro.

Joe Fowler On The Nuwave Oven Pro:
Just take a look at this: Delicious fried chicken from frozen to your table in just 15 minutes;  Fantastic red snapper from fresh caught to fabulous in less than 15 minutes.

How about this here, a complete steak dinner you can start at 6 and serve hot and delicious at 6:30.  In other words this is conventional cooking in half of the time. Which means you can actually prepare and eat healthier, nutritious meals without the hassle and wait of cooking in a conventional oven.

The Nuwave Oven Pro cooks in the way that the American Heart Association says is healthiest, cutting fats, helping to control your weight and helping to reduce cholesterol. The foods are more juicy and flavorful than you ever imagined. Plus the Nuwave Oven Pro is a greener solution than ordinary cooking.

nuwave oven pro extender ring kitIndependent testing shows that you use up to 85% less energy than a regular oven (Tests conducted from March 1 to March 30, 2005 by Silliker Laboratories.). Which is really important these days – you can actually save money! If you are ready for the next new big thing in cooking, then you are ready for the new wave in cooking technology then you are ready for the Nuwave Oven Pro. No one knows more about this than TV cooking expert Heidi Bohay.

Hello Heidi. Welcome, welcome!

Hello Joe! Thank you. Look at all of this beautiful food we have here.

It is gorgeous looking stuff and all cooked in the Nu Wave Oven.

All cooked in the Nuwave Oven Pro! Look at this beautiful steak.

That is gorgeous. Can I have bite?

You wanna taste it – yeah go ahead.

I want to prove it right now…look at this!

This steak was frozen, I put it in the Nuwave Oven Pro. Is it amazing?

It's juicy and tender and flavorful.

Moist, tender and flavorful – everytime it will come out like that. I also put it in the Nuwave Oven Pro with the veggies, the side dishes here, under 30 minutes.

That was frozen 30 minutes ago?

Frozen steak, everything in the Nuwave Oven Pro, 30 minutes – Amazing. Okay over here we've got a tuna melt – wonderful for the kids. They don't have an excuse to go out and get junk fast food anymore. Less than 8 minutes.

Show me how it works. Cooks some more and show us all how it works.

Come on over here. Now we've got the all time favorite over here. Turkey. This is a nice big frozen 10lb Turkey.

Oh yeah – that's definitely frozen up. But what do you do? Do you just take it form the freezer?

I take it out of the freezer. I've popped it right on the liner pan here and okay ready for this: 2 hours and 30 mins – touch and go.

I love that! Are you telling me that you don't need to check on it?

There's no basting, no preheating and no defrosting with the Nuwave Oven Pro.

This is too good to be true!

Juicy, moist, tender – every time. I've got one right here that I prepared earlier that I wanted you to see. Gorgeous, huh?

Yes, I love this. Do you remember the steak you tried just a moment ago?

Of course – delicious!

That's what it looked like, frozen solid.

That's frozen solid – to prove it (bangs on plate. Thud, thud).

Don't break the plate!

That is frozen.

I took it right out of the freezer and put it right here.

Freezer to the Nuwave Oven Pro!

Yes freezer to Nuwave Oven Pro. It's a big steak too. Wait for it (pushes buttons) Touch and go – 30 minutes! 30 minutes for a healthy wonderful steak dinner.

Unpaid endorsement on the Nuwave Oven Pro from Kezia Norton, Screenwriter:

One advantage that I love of the Nuwave Oven Pro is that I can go right into my freezer and pop it into my new wave oven and I don't have to do anything about defrosting anything.
Unpaid endorsement from Dr. Brenna Baynard-Smith, Medical Doctor, Family Practice:

Going from frozen steak to the cooked steak without having to worry about the defrost period eliminates those risk of bacterial contamination.

Unpaid endorsement from Barbara Conway, Nurse:

I took the pork chops from the freezer and I thought mmm is this going to work? Because generally you lay your food out on the counter a little bit and you thaw out. But I take it right from the freezer, put it in my nuwave oven pro, timed it and checked it later and they were moist and cooked just right.

Tell me, tell our viewers what makes the Nuwave oven Pro so different from every other oven they own?

Okay, well the Nuwave Oven Pro uses a scientific breakthrough in kitchen technology. I call it Triple Combo Cooking power. There are three kinds of cooking power: Conduction – that's heat directly applied to the foods surface; then there's Convection which is a fan that circulates the hot air inside the oven; and Infrared, which uses the special infrared waves to penetrate the food cooking from the inside and the outside at the same time.

The Nuwave Oven Pro uses all three of these Conduction, convection and infrared power simultaneously. This allows you to cook quickly from the inside and out while browning and crisping all at the same time.

That is so much better than cooking in a conventional oven where the food is being cooked on the outside leaving the inside still raw. By the time you have cooked the inside to perfection the food is tough, tasteless and overcooked. And look at that burnt ugly fat, while it drips and it splatters the heat bakes it on those inner surfaces making the oven tough to clean.

But with the Nuwave oven pro's triple combo cooking power there's no need to preheat. You don't even need to defrost. Just place your food inside the see through dome and the Nuwave Oven pro starts cooking quickly and evenly from the inside out. It's clean, smokeless cooking that serves up delicious, nutritious meals every single time in the fraction of the time your conventional oven takes.

Nuwave Oven Reviewer.Com takes no responsibility for the comments or endorsements/testimonials contained on this page. This is a transcript taken from the nuwave oven pro review video by Heidi Bohay and Joe Fowler on our review page.

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