This unusual cooking device is fairly new in the kitchen appliance marketplace and boasts that it’s unique cooking technology results in food being cooked faster andnuwave better than before. It has certainly caused quite a stir, especially for those who don’t particularly enjoy the nuances of food preparation.

It has been reported that the introduction of these new “wonder ovens,” and the benefits they offer, haveĀ  caused concern for manufacturers of microwaves and regular domestic ovens. I have listed some of the claims being made about the nuwave oven below.

To begin with, it has been reported that the Nuwave is able to cook food in a fraction of the time that it would otherwise take in a regular oven or microwave. One of the newest forms of cooking utilizes infrared energy and heating methods, which produces the same results but takes drastically less time.

This is especially useful for people who either don’t have a lot of time to spend on food preparation, or those who simply don’t enjoy it. Many users are reporting that, even though they don’t have much time to spend on dinner or lunch, they can have a full meal ready in less than half the time it normally takes.

Nuwave Saves Energy?

The Nuwave Oven manufacturer also claims that their device will help the consumer use less energy when cooking. This is a definite plus, because in this sluggish economy, people are trying to find ways to save money in every area of their lives. Rising energy costs, it seems, have become inevitable and a financial strain on the average energy consumer.If the energy saving claims about the nuwave are correct, then this may be one way to redress the balance and put some cash back in the energy sucking cash account.

Lose Weight By Changing Your Oven?
Not only does the Nuwave Oven claim to be faster and more energy-efficient, but it also claims to prepare food in a healthier fashion than conventional cooking. In fact, the manufacturer report states that the Nuwave can remove up to 250% of fat from a meal, that would normally still be present in food using a regular oven or microwave.

Of course, it’s difficult for the average person to measure the exact percentage of fat that’s being removed, but the nuwave oven reviews and articles posted on consumer sites and cooking blogs would suggest that they do indeed see significant amounts of fat being taken out of their meals. In addition to removing fat, the Nuwave is reported to reduce the amount of cancer-causing substances in food. Many clinical studies have reported that traditional high-heat cooking increases the amount of carcinogens in food, but infrared technology does not.

Nuwave Oven Summary

In conclusion, the world of cooking and home appliances may just have had a bit of a wake up call by the introduction of the Nuwave Oven. With its promises to cook food faster, healthier, and using less energy, it may be that the regular domestic oven is getting a bit long in the tooth, and is being superceded by these new wonder ovens.

If the manufacturers claims and the nuwave oven social buzz is to be believed, then the benefits of using such a device could well become the standard in home cooking, and replace the outdated technology of the conventional household stove.


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